Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admissions at International Beauty College all applicant must have one a copy of his/her U.S. High School Diploma, GED, or transcripts of high school graduation. For students with foreign diploma the diploma must be translated and certified by an outside agency as a least equivalent to a U.S. High School diploma. IBC do not admit Ability to Benefit (ATB) students.

Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Manicuring applicants transfer into International Beauty College (IBC) are considered on an individual basis. IBC may, at its discretion, refuse transfers if admission requirements, including tuition, cannot be met. IBC may accept transfer hours into any course. The determination of the hours accepted for transfer will be based on an examination of the individual’s technical skills and knowledge of the program and subject matter.

Massage Therapy transfer hours must be from a CAMTC approved school. “CAMTC will consider up to 125 hours of equivalent anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, and/or business completed at a college or university of the state higher education system, as defined in Section 100850 of the Education Code, as meeting the definition of a CAMTC approved school.”

This institution has no articulation or transfer agreement with any other college or university.

International Beauty College will provide referral services to applicants who wish to take GED test at San Francisco Evening Adult School/Neighborhood Center.


The required minimum number of clocked hours is as follow:

Massage Therapy Program     500 hours
Barbering     1000 hours
Cosmetology     1000 hours 
Esthetician     600 hours
Manicurist     400 hours

Students are required to complete mandatory theory and practical operations as required by the State Board. All courses must be passed with a minimum grade average of 70% or 2.0 “C” average. Students are required to complete clock hours on theory and practical operate each course; however, students must pay off their tuitions or any outstanding balance dues to the school before they can receive their diplomas and other documents required for graduation. The graduation ceremony is planned and organized by the students, and this is one of the many unique activities in our school.


New classes begin every Monday of the week. Prospective students should register for classes as early as possible. Please contact International Beauty College Admissions Office for more details. Email: